Crowfall, ‘Throne Simulator’ MMO, Enters Pre-Alpha Testing, New Hunger Dome Game Mode Revealed


Crowfall has entered into a pre-alpha testing phase that's centering around PvP combat mechanics. If you were a Kickstarter backer with that particular reward, you'll be able to log in and play very soon.

Backers who pledged a certain level and up to 1000 more will have access to the pre-alpha gameplay test of Crowfall.

Within the next few weeks up to 1000 more invitations are going to be sent to other backers, so that they can have a large test environment to ensure stability in these large campaigns.

Art Craft also revealed a new game mode, called Hunger Dome. In this mode you're divided into teams with other players and have to fight to the death in an elimination map while you scavenge for weapons and armor, all the while the 'Hunger' is consuming the map, shrinking it slowly over time.

Crowfall is a different sort of MMO, adding a distinct strategic factor to the typical formula. The ultimate goal is territorial conquest, something achieved through playing as a hero that commands a kingdom.

There are apparently two different types of game worlds. One is called the campaign and is where players compete against other players for resources and to ultimately be crowned the rightful ruler within that campaign. There is also an Eternal Kingdom which is your own personal persistent kingdom.

One of the biggest differences from the traditional MMO model seems to be how the level and XP grind has been taken out. Skills are passively gained, so you can have three selected at a time to be researched or achieved and your characters will continue to work towards those even when you're logged off. This makes it a lot more accessible for those that want the experience, but might not have a tremendous amount of time to dedicate to playing games.

If you're interested, you can head over to their website to see what they have to offer. We're certainly intrigued here, especially with the voxel graphics ensuring an almost fully destructible environment.