CrossOver 17 For Linux Is Available At A 52% Discount For A Limited Time Period – So Hurry Up And Get It Now


Use CrossOver 17 and run Windows software on Linux with ease. With this program you will be able to quickly and extremely easily launch Windows apps from your Linux system. You won’t have to buy a Windows license, reboot or use a virtual machine. Pretty great, right? Before you start wondering how expensive this would be, let me give you a great news. Wccftech is offering an amazing deal for the CrossOver 17 for Linux.

CrossOver 17 for Linux features

CrossOver does a lot of things for you, whether it’s using Windows games, productivity software or utility programs. This program allows you to run all this natively and comfortably from your Linux system. Get access to the deal and bring your operating systems in complete harmony. Here are some highlights of what the deal has to offer:

  • Runs Microsoft Office 2016 on your Linux
  • Run Windows software and games without rebooting or installing Windows OS
  • Install Windows applications on your Linux platform with one click
  • Operate Windows software at native speed, without any limited performance
  • Integrate seamlessly with your native desktop environment
  • Launch Windows software natively from the dock
  • Use without Windows virus protection needed

Details and Requirements

The deal offers version 17 of the program and does not include additional updates or support. You should remember that the deal is for new customers only and you cannot use a license to renew your current subscription. The program has some compatibility requirements that must be fulfilled for it to function. The PC should be x86 compatible system tested on the current release of Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). At a 52% discount, the benefits are endless. Make this purchase before the deal expires and you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to redeem within 30 days of purchase.

Original Price CrossOver 17 for Linux: $39.95
Wccftech Discount Price CrossOver 17 for Linux: $19