The Creators of Metro Redux Reveal ARKTIKA.1 Exclusively for Oculus Touch


4A Games unveiled an action-packed, first-person VR shooter called ARKTIKA.1 during the Oculus Connect 3 keynote in San Jose, California.

Similar to shooters like House of the Dead or Time Crisis, ARKTIKA.1 is looking to mix frenetic action and jaw-dropping visuals as the game will be using the newest version of the impressive 4A Engine already seen in Metro 2033 & Metro: Last Light.

ARKTIKA.1 is set nearly 100 years in the future during another ice age in a colony in the wastelands of old Russia. The people survive in groups scattered all over the planet where resources are scarce and the outside world is deadly.

You'll need to protect your colony from raiders and killer creatures who mean to do you and your people harm. Judging from the trailer below, your trigger fingers are going to get quite the workout during this vision of the apocalypse.

Andriy Prokhorov, co-founder and creative director at 4A Games shared his thoughts on ARKTIKA.1:

At 4A Games, we pride ourselves on our ability to make immersive experiences, so creating ARKTIKA.1, a big, atmospheric VR shooter made a lot of sense,.

ARKTIKA.1 is a full-blown ААА title, and we’re employing all of our accumulated experience making high-quality shooters, and also using a lot of new opportunities provided only by VR. Oculus has allowed us to take the immersion to a whole new level, and it would have been a shame to miss such an opportunity.

The debut trailer gives us a glimpse of the cover-based combat and the stunning visuals all in VR. You've got everything from monsters popping out of the walls to bullets that can curve around corners. The relentless chaos that completely surrounds you seems like it would a fun VR experience. Just make sure to use cover when fighting off the malicious horde of bad guys.

ARKTIKA.1 is set for release early Q2 of 2017 exclusively for the Oculus Touch.