Cosmic Horror FPS Quantum Error to Run at 4K@60FPS on PS5 With Full Ray Tracing

Alessio Palumbo
Quantum Error

Quantum Error is one of the first independent games to be confirmed for Sony's PlayStation 5 console. Developed by TeamKill Media, a small game studio based in Wyoming and founded by four brothers in 2016, Quantum Error has been described as a 'cosmic horror first-person shooter game' powered by Unreal Engine technology.

The announcement teaser below shows a squad of firefighters moving through dark, confined environments until they encounter a group of zombie-like creatures.

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Shortly after the game announcement, the developers of Quantum Error have begun answering questions about the game on Twitter. There, they revealed to be targeting 4K resolution and 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 5.

That is with the full array of ray tracing capabilities of the PlayStation 5 as they were outlined by Mark Cerny in the recent technical deep dive: global illumination, shadows, reflections, audio.

However, the developers also clarified the debut footage of Quantum Error to have been captured on PC with 'similar settings' to the power of the PlayStation 5. Even so, that doesn't mean the game will be available on PC or Xbox Series X yet; TeamKill Media must have some sort of timed exclusivity with Sony as the game is also due to come out on PlayStation 4, where the physics will be the same as on PS5. The developers also replied on a question related to cross-buy functionality, stating that if they can support that, they will; it will be nice for those looking to purchase the game on PS4, but planning to play Quantum Error again on the PS5 at a later date.

TeamKill Media has previously released one game, the dark fantasy themed action/adventure Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris, available on PC via Steam and PlayStation 4. It didn't exactly light the sales chart and the user reception is mixed, too, with only 64% of the 28 user reviews listed as positive.

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