Corsair’s Void Pro RGB & Dolby 7.1 Wireless Headsets On Sale For $60 US


Corsair's Void Pro RGB is on sale at the sale decreased the price from the MSRP of $99.99 all the way down to $59.99.

The Void Pro RGB is a wireless headset that offers Dolby 7.1 Surround sound for just $59.99.

The Corsair Void Pro RGB is an amazing headset with Dolby 7.1 surround sound, Discord certification, and 50MM Drivers in Carbon black color at the amazing price of $59.99, which is the first time this headset has dropped this low in price.

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The build quality is amazing on these headset being that they have metal structural components and glass fiber infused plastics. The metal structural components allow for the rigidity of these headphones to be amazing. The rigidity along with the Microfiber mesh fabric and memory foam ear cups to make sure that you can game for longer sessions without feeling any discomfort.

Since these headset is wireless means that eventually these headphones need to be charged, that number is amazing every 16 hours, and the wireless headset can go up to 40 feet (or 12m) away from the USB dongle that gets inserted into your computer or laptop.

The speakers in this headset have amazing 50mm sized drivers, which have a frequency 20Hz to 20 kHz which will allow for your sounds to be amazingly clear and without any clipping or distortion. The sensitivity of the headset is 107dB (+/-3dB) which allows for the best sound to be playing through the headset.

The Microphone for this headset is a key selling point for this headset, the Microphone Impedance is 2.0k Ohms, along with a Unidirectional noise cancel with allows for your speech to be heard but blocks out unwanted noise from your area. The Frequency response of this Microphone is 100Hz to 10kHz which makes sure that your voice will be heard no matter if you are yelling or whispering into your mic.

These headsets are an amazing price at simply $59.99, I would suggest this headset to anyone in the market for a new headset and the wireless feature is a great addition compared to the wired variant. Another good news is that this deal doesn't seem to be related to any current promotion meaning that this is most likely until Black Friday is over and done with.