Corsair Readies 3000 MHz DDR3 Dominator Platinum Rams


As Computex 2012 nears its start, new products are soon enough popping everywhere. This time however, Corsair has readied a new variant of their Dominator series with the Dominator Platinum clocked at a whooping 3000 MHz!

The new Dominators feature an all new design in terms of heat dispersion efficiency that also both cools and looks cool too! The first modules have been designed for the Z77 chipset supported Core i series 3XXX processors as well as X79 LGA 2011 processors with support for Intel’s XMP 1.3 profiles.

The rams will be available in a memory size of 4GB each and has been designed for overclockers who tend to go to the extreme. So for benchmarkers out there looking to set their records, this will be indeed a viable tool who look out to set world records.

Price and availability have yet to be disclosed.