CORSAIR Preparing A White Version Of iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX AIO Coolers


CORSAIR has been preparing a white version of its popular iCUE ELITE CAPELLIX AIO Coolers, Specifically the H100i and the H150i AIO Coolers. CORSAIR had created only a black color scheme, but VideoCardz has gotten the white AIO coolers' renders. The pump cap features a translucent top allowing for higher RGB lighting to be shown easily.

VideoCardz has released renders of white versions of the H100i and the H150i AIO Coolers, showing a lot of RGB lighting

VideoCardz has confirmed that two models will be getting this new color scheme. These two models include the H100i and the H150i AIO coolers. These two models seemingly have the same pump and radiator as the original ELITE CAPELLIX AIO Coolers.

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Source: VideoCardz

The original ELITE CAPELLIX AIO Coolers featured a black color design and two different pump caps, featuring a glossy yet stylish design with the second featuring a translucent design, with the CORSAIR logo illuminated in the center. These new white versions seemingly only feature the second translucent design to allow for large RGB lighting to be easily shown and controlled through CORSAIR's RGB software.

The technical specifications between the white version of the ELITE CAPELLIX AIO coolers and the original ELITE CAPELLIX AIO coolers are the same, featuring a high-performance centrifugal pump that can deliver a flow rate of up to 0.82 liters per minute and fans which feature a maximum speed of up to 2,4000 RPM and PWM control.

In the render, while the majority of the AIO cooler features a white color scheme, including the fan edge, fan blades, tubing, and radiator. Some parts keep the original black color scheme, including the underside of the pump, pictured with a black color scheme, and the fan hub of the CORSAIR fans also features the black design with the white CORSAIR logo. While this different color scheme doesn't change the AIO cooler's performance, the aesthetic of a build could be potentially broken by the parts of these AIO cooler featuring a black color scheme.

The release date or pricing of the white versions of both the H100i and the H150i is unknown, but the pricing should be similar to the original H100i and H150i AIO coolers.