Corsair Launches Ultra High Speed DDR3 Memory at 2625Mhz.


Corsair has launches its fastest rams belonging to the Corsair Dominator family, The CMGTX6 which is a 1GB Module featuring a High speed of 2625Mhz.

According to Corsair the ram has been set to operate at 2625Mhz and is also rated 2600Mhz + when ran in dual channel mode. The Latency of the ram module are set at 9-11-10-30 and needs a juice of 1.65V to operate. The CMGTX6 was tested on the Gigabyte P55A-UD5 Motherboard running with a Intel Core i7-860 and Core i7-870 CPU.

"What can I say, except these modules are fast. Really fast," stated John Beekley, Vice President of Technical Marketing at Corsair. "While not really designed for day to day use, these modules make superb weapons for your overclocking arsenal."

The GTX6 is cooled by a massive Corsair DHX+ heatsink and is listed at Corsair's Online Store for US$175 which can be found out here.