Corona-Warn-App is the First Apple and Google Based App Now Available in Germany


Two months ago Apple and Google decided to work together in order to release a framework that will help developers launch contact tracing apps for both iOS and Android. The purpose of these apps was to create better awareness and tracking against Coronavirus, the outbreak that has halted the world. Today, we are seeing Germany releasing Corona-Warn-App an app that is based on the framework proposed by Apple and Google.

Germany Release Coronavirus Contact Tracing App to Public

Germany didn't choose the framework provided by Apple and Google right away. They first decided to opt for a framework that would store the data on the central server, however, upon warning from several scientists about how it might create unprecedented surveillance of the entirety of the population, they decided to reverse their decision. The government then decided to ditch the PEPP-PT standard and went for the Apple and Google API instead.

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Here's an excerpt from a report from Reuters.

Germany sought to mobilize the public on Tuesday to download a new smartphone app that seeks to help break the chain of coronavirus infections, one of several such apps in Europe that governments hope will revive travel and tourism.

The new Covid-Warn-App, which became available for download for Apple and Android phones overnight, uses Bluetooth short-range radio to monitor close contacts between people and issue a warning should one of them test positive.

The Corona-Warn-App brings some handy features that ensure that the user data is kept safe and secure. For instance, no user will be asked to register in order to use the app, and there will be no name or email address required either. Phones are going to be able to exchange random code identifiers whenever they are in contact, and there will be no sharing of information as to who the phone belongs to. The data will be stored in the smartphone and will be deleted after 2 weeks. No one who uses this app to registered as infected or receives a notification will be traced by the government, third parties such as Google or Apple, or the Robert Koch Institute.

The app is currently available to download in Germany on both Android and iOS.