Cooler Master Unveils The ORB X Semi-Enclosed Workstation, A Futuristic Looking & Immersive Gaming Pod

Getting immersed in gaming is something most gamers want and Cooler Master can help you do that with its ORB X fully immersive multi-purpose semi-enclosed workstation.

The Cooler Master ORB X Combines Privacy, Comfort, & Aesthetics Into A Futuristic Looking Workstation Pod

The Cooler Master ORB X is a semi-enclosed workspace that allows you to game or work in peace, but if I had one, it would be for gaming. It can support up to three 27” monitors or if you want to go ultrawide, up to a single 49" ultrawide monitor. When you aren't wearing headphones, the ORB X has you covered with surround sound speakers built directly into the chassis. The ORB X was designed for long gaming or work sessions, so the ergonomic chair is an adjustable recliner with great lumbar support as well as a footrest.

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To get into the Cooler Master ORB X, only a single touch is necessary and the motorized top will move up and down to allow for easy entry into the pod. The pod also has a hidden compartment where your device of choice can be stored. The ORB X comes in white and black. On top of the glossy finish, there is plenty of RGB to control on the ORB X. Every edge of the ORB X has an RGB light strip and it would be really interesting to see if Cooler Master works with game developers to sync the RGB lights to whatever game they are playing. The RGB makes the amount of customization on the ORB X practically limitless.

The Cooler Master ORB X hasn't had an official launch date or price yet, but we can expect something like this to be a pretty expensive product. It would be extremely cool to game or work in this pod. I can see gamers who play Microsoft Flight Simulator loving the ORB X.

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