Cooler Master Showcases New Chassis at Computex – Cosmos C700P Black Edition, Silencio S600 & Silencio S400


This year at Computex, Cooler Master has unveiled multiple new chassis designs. Cooler Master has aimed these new chassis at computer enthusiasts and gamers alike while providing users with exceptional functionality and aesthetics.

Cooler Master Silencio S400

Cooler Master continues to deliver quality chassis with a design focus on silence and improved thermals with the Silencio S400. Building upon previous Silencio chassis, Cooler Master has increased airflow, sound dampening, and adapted for better usability, and practicality. Cooler Master has collaborated with Sorama to ensure a highly functional, but high-quality chassis is delivered in the form of the end product.

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The Silencio S400 is an mATX chassis featuring four expansion slots, a transparent side window to showcase components inside, a PSU shroud to keep PSU cables out of view and tidy, and sound dampening panels to ensure quiet operation.

The Silencio S400 is available at a budget-friendly, affordable price range of $79-$89, and will be available starting June 18th.

Cooler Master Silencio S600

The Silencio S600 is quite similar to the Silencio S400. Along with the Silencio S400, the Silencio S600 carries on Cooler Master's quality and silence-optimized family in production since 2011.

The Silencio S600 is the ATX variant of the new Silencio chassis. The Silencio S600 retains identical specifications to the Silencio S400, with the exception of support for a larger ATX motherboard and additional expansion slots.

The Silencio S600 will be available on June 18th along with the Silencio S400, and will sell with a price tag of $89-$99.

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COSMOS C700P Black Edition

Cooler Master had yet another product showcased at Computex, the COSMOS C700P Black Edition. The COSMOS C700P Black Edition features a matte black coating, tempered glass, and multiple improvements over the original C700P. Cooler Master retains a modular design with the COSMOS C700P Black Edition including a modular PSU shroud, radiator brackets, mesh panels, and an additional rear panel. The COSMOS C700P Black Edition is now available for $299.99.

MasterCase H100



Cooler Master had one more chassis on display, the MasterCase H100. The MasterCase H100 is a mini-ITX chassis utilizing various industrial design elements. The MasterCase H100 is a mini-ITX chassis, Cooler Master manages to fit a 200mm RGB case fan, an ATX power supply, and plenty of mesh panels inside. The MasterCase H100 is an exceptional choice for a small form factor build.

The MasterCase H100 will be available starting July 9th and will retail for $59.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition Prototype

Cooler Master displayed the prototype model of the upcoming MasterCase SL600M Black Edition. The MasterCase SL600M Black Edition opts for a black coating as opposed to the original SL600M's silver finish. The MasterCase SL600M Black Edition could retail around the $199 mark.