Cooler Master Introduces The MM830, The Company’s First MMO Mouse


There's a mouse for every occasion and every type of gamer.  Cooler Master has catered to pretty much all of them except one, until now.  The MM830 is Cooler Master's first go at a MMO targeted mouse and it's not a bad showing.  I got to handle this mouse at CES this year (those are NOT my hands in the pictures by the way) and I left feeling like it was a very solid mouse in hand.  The catch was no one told me during the visit that it was aimed at MMO gamers so I just assumed it was a content creators mouse, and to me that was a good thing.  The small screen on the mouse is reminiscent of the Sentinel III and can give you some useful information on the fly.


Cooler Master Adds Four New Colors to the NR200P

The MM830 is Cooler Master’s first MMO mouse weighing at 162g. It features dynamic four zone RGB lighting effects and is designed with a top-of-the line 3360 Pixart optical sensor for accuracy and speed, with up to 24,000 DPI. Its durable PBT chassis reduces wear and tear, while Omron switches provide a 20M click reliability. Located in the thumb-rest area, the hidden D-Pad grants fast access, especially useful in MMOs. Its OLED screen permits further customization. Users can program the screen to display graphics, track APMs, reflect DPI settings and more.

We wanted to offer an MMO mouse that provides a solid thumb grip without having an overabundance of buttons.”  “We took a unique approach by adding this integrated D-pad.”

-Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

Pricing and Availability

The MM830 will be available Cooler Master select retailers, respectively, for $/€79.99 starting January 15, 2019.