Console War Update – Latest Sales Data Show a Massive PS4 Lead

Ever since the launch of the PS4 back in November 2013, the console has been going very strong in terms of sales. The fact is that the Xbox One and the Wii U were released before the PS4, but Sony's latest console caught up to both the rivals in no time. Some people might not consider Nintendo's eighth generation Wii U console to be a direct competitor of the Xbox One and the PS4 but we have no dispute over the fact that Xbox One and PS4 are battling it out for the title of king of the console war. And as such, we have new sales data today for our readers.

PS4 Sales Are Almost Twice That of The Xbox One - Wii U Not Lagging Far Behind

According to the sales data from VGchartz, Sony is just emphasizing its global dominance with massive lead over its Microsoft rival Xbox One and the Nintendo's Wii U. You can check out the global lifetime sales of all the three eighth generation video game consoles below. Note that these figures weren't provided by any official first party source, and have been taken from VGchartz, so they are to be taken lightly.

  • PS4: 23,217,798
  • Xbox One: 12,835,320
  • Wii U: 9,727,909

When comparing the monthly statistics, we have the following information available to us for the month of May:

  • PS4: 617,578
  • Xbox One: 272,955
  • Wii U: 141,426

The figures shared above suggest that the PS4 has outsold the Xbox One and Wii U every month since its launch back in November 2013 by a large margin. The console has sold 344,623 times more than Xbox One and 476,152 times more than Wii U. Year-over-year monthly sales are up for PS4 and Xbox One, but for Wii U sales have gone down. Even tho Wii U has portrayed itself as a different type of console owing to the type of games it hosts, but given that the console was first released to the customers in 2012 which is roughly a year before the release of Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

But it looks like Nintendo intends to come back strong with a new console called the NX which the company confirmed was not a replacement for the 3DS and Wii U and the Nintendo president Satoru Iwata assured fans that intend won't be dropping support for both of these platforms anytime soon.

As for the Xbox One, it still has a lot of way to catch up but it's going in the right direction with a very successful E3 and more announcements to be showcased at Gamescom. So I wouldn't write of PS4 as the winner just yet. With that being said, stay tuned for more news on the console war and do share your views with us in the comments section.

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