Computex: Tablets at Intel booth

Computex a time when all hardware companies come out in the open and tease us with hardware so high end our very nerd senses go wild, whether its news on the new ASUS motherboard or the new processor line up Computex is every computer nerds true dream convention, All major hardware companies take part in this prestigious event; such as Corsair, Intel, AMD, ATI, ASUS and many more companies.

Let's take a look at what processor giant Intel has in store for us at their Computex booth.

As you can see Intel is working on some tablets, they will definitely use the new Intel Atom Processor.

It's very clear that tablets are the new netbook's, the iPad has seized a huge market share and other companies instead of working on newer and better netbooks are focusing more towards making their own tablets. Just to get a share on Apple's huge market share being taken by the iPad.

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