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Zarmeen Shahzad
AJAX Bundle

You can get this Complete Guide to AJAX Bundle now for just $24. The bundle includes 6 courses that will help you in more ways than one. Become a pro and making various web applications that interactive, advanced and don’t have problems that often arise with web applications. The following course list will help you achieve all this:

  • Fundamentals of AJAX, jQuery and JSON
  • Complete AJAX Course: Learn AJAX Techniques Using Bootstrap
  • jQuery and AJAX for Beginners: The Definitive Guide
  • jQuery and AJAX for Beginners: The Definitive Guide
  • Introduction to AJAX with jQuery
  • Supercharge Your Web Applications with AJAX
  • JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL: Create a Dynamic Web Form Project

AJAX Bundle features

JavaScript as we all know is the world’s most commonly used programming language. AJAX, jQuery and JSON are extensions to this language. So you see, they are really important. If you aim to do advanced web development work, these courses will be by your side. The courses will help you build basic concepts before you can dive in advanced projects. With the help of these courses on AJAX you will be able to successfully develop interactive sites that convey information to users without crashing due to load.

jQuery is the most popular JaveScript Library and will help you create web applications that are extremely simple to use. You will learn how to work with DOM, use events, effects and animations and incorporate AJAX and JSON to your work. Using AJAX in your work will allow you to create interactive content that can be updated dynamically. This will set you apart from other developers.
Using AJAX and JavaScript together will help in updating websites that can process huge amounts of data quickly. You will learn how to create efficient and dynamic JavaScript applications with AJAX. You will also be able to learn how forms on the web are sent and information is gathered. You will also learn to make dynamic web forms that use AJAX to pass data to MySQL.

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