Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Tech Test Sign-Ups are Open Now

Nathan Birch
Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 launches in just a few short weeks, but Sega and Vancouver-based developer Relic Entertainment will be giving fans another taste of the game’s multiplayer later this week. The Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer tech test goes live on Steam this Wednesday – just follow these steps to register:

“Get ready for our public Multiplayer Tech Test! This test will be available to all players for free. All you need to do is visit Company of Heroes 3's Steam store page to register.

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  • Navigate to the Steam store page for CoH3 here
  • Underneath ‘Pre-Purchase’ you'll find ‘Join the Company of Heroes 3 Playtest’
  • Click "Request Access"
  • That's it!

If you've registered before the test goes live on January 11th, you'll be notified once it has begun to download it. If you register after the test has started, you should be prompted to download it right away.”

The exact contents of the Company of Heroes tech test aren’t yet known, but Relic promises to reveal more shortly before launch. Need to know more? Here’s the game’s official description…

“Welcome to the Mediterranean - a breathtaking new theatre filled with untold stories of war. Engage ferocious enemy forces across Italian mountain passes, breathtaking coastal vistas and the sweeping deserts of N Africa. Stunning visuals deliver authentic and highly diverse environments designed to keep you on your toes. ​

Full Tactical Pause feature allows players total control over the pacing of single-player action. Plan your attacks, then effortlessly queue up lethal precision plays that will give you the edge in battle. Experience the biggest single player campaign in franchise history. The new Dynamic Campaign Map delivers full ‘sandbox-style’ gameplay, allowing players to command the overall war effort and experience an unprecedented level of strategic choice. ​“

Company of Heroes arrives on PC on February 23. Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions are expected to launch later in 2023.

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