Colorful Officially Debuts the GeForce GTX 670 iGame Flame Ares X Featuring Shark Bionic Cooler

Chinese AIB partner of NVIDIA, Colorful today launched its GTX 670 iGame "Flame Ares X" graphics card which makes use of the shark bionic heatsink cooler.

The card is designed to resemble a great white shark with its Black and White color theme and the use of two 80mm fans which feature the Shark fin design. Colorful has included a backplate too which comes pre-equipped on the back of the PCB offering better heat dissipation.

Underneath the hood lies the GK104 core featuring 1344 Cores clocked at 967MHz/1046MHz white the 2GB GDDR5 memory runs at 6008MHz effective clock speed. Near the display ports, Colorful implemented electromagnetic shielding to prevent from display distortion and provide clear video output quality.

To cool this all, three large aluminum fin blocks are located underneath the shroud equipped with nice 6mm heatpipes. The base is made of pure copper which improves thermal specs. The heatsinks are large enough to cover the entire length of the PCB, Additional room for an Air-Kit heatsink is also available.

The card would be available in APAC market region shortly.

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