The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle Is The Digital Library Of Your Dreams

Zarmeen Shahzad
Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle

The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle is a digital library. It includes 9 books on different topics that range from web development to software engineering. The books included are as follows:

  • Learning Angular 2
  • Java Deep Learning Essentials
  • Mastering Python
  • Mastering React
  • Mastering JavaScript
  • Mastering Git
  • Xamarin Cross-Platform Development Cookbook
  • Swift 3 Functional Programming
  • Scala High Performance Programming

Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle features

The Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle will help you in various areas. These books will be your guide into the tech world. You will learn to the basics of web application development and design. You will learn how to design and build Angular 2 components providing full coverage of TypeScript syntax. AI and Deep Learning are becoming increasingly important in the tech world. You will be able to learn the basic machine learning algorithms that will provide you an understanding of machine intelligence.

Python is an extremely dynamic programming language and is a favorite among programmers. Even if you are new, the books will help you with everything you need. Mastering Python is a book that is an extremely amazing guide as it has a lot of authority on the basic concepts and will hence help you understand the language in a clear and contextualized manner. React stands out in the web framework crowd. The book on React will help you work your way through the fundamentals and advance on. You will be able to combine different web technologies surrounding React and create modern web applications.

JavaScript as we all know focuses on website behavior. It provides developers with the knowledge to design original and interactive sites. You will be able to build a useful cross-platform library in no time. The book on Git will help you master everything from setting up a Git environment to writing clean codes. The course-book bundle will also help you create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows phones. The books will also help you design high quality, scalable and efficient applications. By the end of reading these books you will be equipped with the knowledge to create Scala applications as well.

So why waste time? Get the Coding Powerhouse eBook Bundle now at this site and become part of the modern tech world.

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