How to Clear App Badge Notifications Using 3D Touch on iPhone


An app badge notification can be a dreadful sight to look at. Here's how you can clear it without opening the app itself using 3D Touch on iPhone.

ClearBadges3DTouch10 Lets You Get Rid of App Notification Badges Using 3D Touch

Whenever a notification comes through on an iPhone, you have several ways to check on it. You'll either get a banner notification, a notification on the lock screen if your phone is locked, and if you happen to miss it altogether, the app that received a ping will see itself being adorned with a tiny badge at the corner, along with a counter indicating the number of notifications there are available. The latter is a wonderful little feature of iOS, and something that makes it easier for a user to spot a notification which they might have missed.

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However, while those badges are great and all, they can prove to be an eyesore for some people. See, the thing is, apart from highlighting what's important, notification badges highlight small irrelevant stuff too which you would normally ignore. But, the badge will float there until you open that app up and check the notification. A painful process, if you are asking me. Thankfully, ClearBadges3DTouch10 fixes that issue in a very ingenious way.

Once download and installed from the BigBoss repo in Cydia, simply find an app with a notification badge on it. Deep press on its icon and you'll see a new option labelled Clear Badge Notifications. Tap on it and the badge notification will just go away. You don't have to open the app at all to keep things nice and tidy from this point onwards.

The ClearBadges3DTouch10 tweak requires a jailbroken iPhone that is running iOS 10. And of course, 3D Touch is a strict requirement for the tweak to work. Also, there are no options to configure once you install the tweak.

We really wish there was a native way to get rid of all notification badges without having to jailbreak. It's a huge nuisance to dive into just to get rid of that pesky red badge. Maybe that feature is reserved for iOS 11? Who knows!