Chinese GPU Maker, Jing Jiawei, commences JM9 chip production, first chip a far cry from NVIDIA’s GTX 1080’s performance

China GPU NVIDIA GTX 1080 Performance

Jing Jiawei, a Chinese domestic GPU manufacturer, released a statement recently that their new JM9 series processors are ready for sale, due to finishing preliminary testing of the chips. The JM9 is prepared to meet premium requirements for displays, as well as AI computing requirements, such as media processing, games, geographic information systems, CAD-based designing, and virtualization.

Chinese GPU manufacturer Jing Jiawei set to release JM9 series after several months of meticulous testing

The Eastern manufacturer prompted for an institutional survey and had shown that the JM9 series is currently in contact with specifically targeted customers and are prepared to initiate debugging and optimization in the upcoming year.

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Jing Jiawei's development of the JM9 chips are an enormous step for the manufacturer. The JM9 GPUs are an example of the company's improvements on performance, as well as core technical reserves towards the successful venture. This has allowed for Jing Jiawei to offer exceptional product support, as well as further expand into the general market into the future.

The graphics processor manufacturer had stated that performance of the JM9 will equal the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. However, based on the latest specifications provided by the company, it appears that it does not close enough of the gap to be comparable due to the JM9 being an entry-level independent display category. The JM9's FP32 (floating point) performance is only capable of 1.5TFlops, where the GTX 1080 can access as high as 11.3TFlops—a difference of 6.5 times more than the JM9.

The JM9 has a memory capacity of 8GB and a bandwidth speed as high as 128GB/s. Website MyDrivers states that the positioning width is around 128-bit, but at this time, that is currently a speculated amount. The frequency equivalent is 8GHz, which is equal to a GDDR5 memory module. It is also speculated that if the frequency had been 16GHz at 64-bit wide, this would have placed the JM9 in the GDDR6 category, but again, due to the specifications from the company, it is leaning heavily towards GDDR5 equivalency.

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Jing Jiawei's JM9 GPU will also include both 2D and 3D graphics functionality, corresponding video codecs, multi-channel video output, as well as compatibility for multiple platforms and systems. The GPU will feature HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.3 outputs for display with H.265/4K 60FPS encoding. It will also be compatible with OpenGL 4.5 and OpenCL 2.0 APIs. No DirectX support is mentioned. The power consumption only clocks in at 30W, which is fairly low on the spectrum. it looks like initially, the JM9 chips will be produced for the entry-level segment and more higher-end SKUs are planned for later.

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