Chinese GPU Maker, Innosilicon, Unveils Fantasy One Chip For Discrete Graphics Cards – Up To 32 GB GDDR6X Memory, Dual-GPU Solutions & 5 TFLOPs

Chinese GPU maker, Innosilicon, has unveiled their first discrete chip, the Fantasy One, which will be featured in a range of graphics cards. The GPU is designed in collaboration with GPU designer, Imagination Technologies.

Chinese 'Fantasy One' Discrete GPU From InnoSilicon Powers Range of New Graphics Cards - Up To 32 GB GDDR6X Memory, 5 TFLOPs Compute & Dual-GPU Solutions

The GPU and the respective products that it will be featured within were unveiled at the 'Fantasy One GPU' product press conference. The Fantasy One GPU is based on the BXT IP from their GPU partner, Imagination Technologies. The company unveiled a total of four products ranging from single and dual-GPU-based solutions.

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It is reported that "Fantasy 1" GPU is the industry's first rendering GPU that adopts the world's top GDDR6X high-bandwidth video memory technology and cutting-edge technologies such as Innolink chiplet. China's patented physical unclonable encryption PUF technology, PCIe 4.0, HDMI2.1, DP/ Self-developed advanced technologies such as eDP 1.4 have also gathered in one core.

"Fantasy 1" is the first domestically compatible 4K high-definition desktop and high-performance server-grade GPU, supporting domestic Linux, Android, and Windows operating systems; supporting mainstream graphics frameworks such as OpenGL, OpenGLES, OpenCL, Vulkan, DX; supporting VR /AR/AI; Smoothly supports data center-level multi-user application scenarios such as multi-channel cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud office, and cloud desktops. The successful tape-out of "Fenghua No. 1" demonstrates the strong strength and low-key style of Inspur in the custom development of advanced technology IP and GPU.

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InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A Graphics Card

The first product to talk about is the Fantasy One GPU-powered Type A graphics card. Type A is the name of the graphics card and is not to be mistaken with USB Type-A ports. The Type A card comes in a dual-slot and dual-fan form factor and is said to offer up to 5 TFLOPs of FP32 and 160 GPixel/s fill rate. It seems like that this is a slightly cut-down variant of the Fantasy One GPU as the BXT GPU IP that it is based upon offers up to 6 TFLOPs of FP32, 24 TOPs AI and 192 GPixel/s fill rate. The GPU also relies on a multi-chip design so we are talking chiplets here but we don't have more details on that right now.


In terms of memory, the single Fantasy One GPU offers up to 16 GB of GDDR6X memory that runs across a 128-bit bus interface. The memory chips operate at 19 Gbps transfer speeds, offering up to 304 GB/s of bandwidth to the GPU. In addition to that, the card offers DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and VGA outputs. The card is powered by a single 6-pin connector. It is stated that the typical TDP for 4K rendering is around 20W while cloud rendering power is rated at 50W. There's also a server-specific model of Type A which utilizes a passive heatsink.


InnoSilicon Fantasy One Type A SFF Graphics Card

There is also an entry-level/small form factor solution based on the Type A Fantasy One GPU. This graphics card definitely rocks reduced specifications and clocks over the full variant considering its limited size and power. The graphics card PCB shown has a 4+1 phase design and rocks a small fan heatsink. It features HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 outputs. There are no power connectors on the card and it looks like you will also get lower memory capacity given the size constraints of the PCB.


InnoSilicon Fantasy One TypeB Graphics Card

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On the high-end side, there's the Innosilicon Type-B graphics card featuring dual Fantasy One GPUs on the same PCB. The card uses an interconnect known as Innolink which might be a PLX chip that interconnects the two GPUs on the same board. The graphics card offers up to 10 TFLOPs FP32 and up to 320 GPixel/s fill rate. It can also run up to 32 1080p/60 FPS or 64 720/30 FPS streams. Type B rocks 32 GB of GDDR6X memory across a 128-bit bus interface. Power is provided through dual 8-pin connectors. All cards are PCIe Gen 4.0 compliant.


The Fantasy One Type A graphics cards are aimed at the consumer, workstation, and data center markets while the Type B graphics cards are aimed at the data center, cloud computing & AI use cases. These graphics cards will pack support for a range of APIs including DirectX & were demoed within Unigine Heaven, a fairly old benchmark for today's standards but shows that the intended DirectX technology does work on the Fantasy One silicon.

Innosilicon also isn't stopping at Fantasy One and already talking about Fantasy 2 and Fantasy 3 GPUs which are said to be unveiled in 2022 and will utilize 5nm process technology.

News Sources: Videocardz , Ithome , Mydrivers

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