iOS And OS X Malware Suspects Nabbed In China – Site Also Shut Down

Earlier this month, Apple's closed ecosystem and its claimed benefits seemed at risk when a new iOS specific malware, WireLurker was discovered. WireLurker was the first of its kind in malware which managed to install itself on devices which were not jailbroken.Even more, it was not limited only to iOS devices, with traces of the malware also found inside OS X Macs as well.

Devices in China seemed to be on WireLurker's priority list and the malware was discovered by well known Palo Alto Networks. Described by folks over there as "the biggest in scale that we have ever seen" it managed to install apps from a shady app store on to iOS devices once it discovered that the latter were connected to a Mac.

iPhone-6-amp-iPhone-6-Plus4Chinese Authorities Arrest Suspects Behind WireLurker - Related Site Also Shut Down.

Well, those who were rightly worried by WireLurker spreading in China, and its possible affects for devices all around the world are in for some good news today. According to Weibo, authorities have managed to arrest three individuals suspected to be behind the malware. The arrests have come following a tip off from a local security firm known as Qihoo 360 Technology and in good time too, since WireLurker had managed to penetrate thousands of devices around the country since discovered.

Authorities have also claimed to have shut down a site which aided in the malware's distribution. So Apple users, both jailbreakers and others can be happy today knowing that the Chinese have been quick in response to this latest threat. But whether these arrests will put a stop to WireLurker completely or will someone else take the mantle still remains to be known. And folks over at Apple should also know that their once secure ecosystem might not be so secure after all. We'll keep you updated.

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