Cheat Codes and Tricks For Pokemon X and Y Revealed

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Cheat codes for Pokemon X and Y have gone viral soon after its release, cheat code central has published special tricks and cheats for the new handheld titles. Pokemon is one of the most recognized and famous game series on Nintendo’s platforms. It has always made Nintendo owners proud of it. Now players can enjoy Pokemon X and Y with cheat codes in polygonal 3D graphics.

Pokemon X and Y

Unlock Featured Pokemons In Pokemon X and Y With Special Tricks and Cheats

Nintendo 3DS owners rushed to the stores soon after the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y was released on 12th October for the handheld. Pokemon and X and Y are developed mainly keeping the grades and ranks of pokemons in mind, many powerful pokemons have been added at different levels in the game. CheatCC have published a detailed guide on how to get these pokemons. The developers claim that Pokemon X and Y are the two best Pokemon games that one can get. Well, that could be true if we add up something more for user’s excitement, the cheat codes.

Cheat codes have always been important in games. Pokemon games also use vast verity of cheat codes. With the tricks explained by cheatCC, players would get full advantage and experience of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. Player would always want to put his hands first on the best and featured Pokemon. With the tricks explained by cheat code central, now it is possible to get some featured pokemons of the games first and play with it.

Pokemon X

In Pokemon X many special pokemons are introduced such as pokemon Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde. Player gets these as rewards or by completeing levels, but now with the cheat codes and tricks, player can easily obtain these pokemons and much more features of games.

Lets say you want to capture a Zygarde, below is the method described by cheat code central to do it.

•    Getting Zygarde
Zygarde is found deep inside the Terminus Cave, which is located just off Route 18. The Terminus Cave is one of the longest dungeons in Pokemon X/Y; thus, make sure to have lots of healing items and strong Pokemon before entering it. Zygarde is Level 70 and dual Dragon and Ground-type; use a Master Ball to easily capture him, otherwise it will be a long battle and require a lot of Ultra Balls.

You can view complete list of cheats and tricks for Pokemon X on cheat code central. Read more:

Pokemon Y

Cheat code central has also revealed various tricks to capture featured pokemons in Pokemon Y and unlock special features of the game. Pikatu is the most known pokemon in the pokemon world, to have one in game is must. CheatCC has also explained the trick of getting Pikatu in Pokemon Y.

•    Getting Pikachu
Pikachu can be found very early in Route 3, immediately after the forest, in small grass patches. Pikachu is a great early Pokemon. He has high special attack and speed stats that give him an advantage early in the game. His special characteristic, Static, works very well early in the game by paralyzing Pokemon that come in contact with him. Pikachu also levels up very quickly early in the game with a lot of bird type Pokemon in the grinding areas. He is overall a great addition to any team early in the game.

You can view complete list of cheats and tricks for Pokemon X on cheat code central.
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