Chase Customers Can Now Use Google Pay and Samsung Pay to Withdraw Cash


Thanks to the likes of Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can now get a lot of shopping done without a physical credit/debit card. The one thing you needed your card for was to withdraw cash. The prospect of withdrawing money from an ATM without a debit card is a promising one and starting today; Chase customers will be able to do that. Several Chase ATMs nationwide have been equipped with NFC functionality, allowing you to use your phone as a virtual debit card. Some time ago, Chase announced that Chase Pay would work with Samsung Pay. It's good to see that banks are finally keeping up with the times and supporting widely used payment platforms instead of trying to push their own software.

Google Pay is Now Bringing Cross-Border Transactions

You'll need to add your Chase debit card to the payment platform of your choice before attempting to withdraw money. After that, all you need to do is select said debit card and tap your phone on the marked area. You'll be prompted to enter your PIN afterwards. The following cards are eligible, according to Chase's website: consumer debit cards (excluding CPC Privileges card), business debit cards (excluding Business Associate cards) and Chase Liquid cards. Currently, ATM-only cards and Chase Credit cards cannot be used to withdraw cash via this method.

Hopefully, other banks follow suit and allow cardless cash withdrawal in their ATMs. The process is not only convenient but also secure. All you need to do is keep your cash safe. We don't have mobile-controlled security drones that can do that just yet but we're getting there.

News Source: chase