Capture Portrait Videos with Adjustable Bokeh on iOS with Focos Live

Imran Hussain
Focos Live

Focos Live, a new video editing app for iPhone and iPad, allows users to add and adjust bokeh effect to their videos. 'Portrait videos' can be created using the app by using different aperture sizes, shapes, and more. The app also supports video editing features such as adjustment layers, speed ramping, keyframes, audio editing, exporting to various formats, and much more.

The app uses depth information from the various camera lens that iPhones and iPads now feature, to allow users to change focus on videos after capture. The focus point can be set to track objects in the video. The bokeh shapes can also be changes to apply unique creative looks to videos.

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The video edit in Focos Live is comprehensive and supports complex features such as multi-layer editing for video and audio. Users can also apply adjustment layers to modify colors, contrast, saturation, and apply filters. Speed ramping and video ramping are unique features in Focos Live that allow editing videos perfect for YouTube.

The developer behind Focos Live has previously created an app called Focos, which allows re-focusing photos by using depth data and applying various bokeh effects. The app is a popular choice for users who want more control over their portrait photos and provides features even Apple does not provide on older iPhones.

Here is a list of all the features in Focos Live:

  • Portrait video-capable, with depth data on dual camera, triple camera, and front Face ID camera.
  • Focus point continuous change functionality for tracking object and aperture size.
  • Multi-choice simulated aperture diaphragms for generating different bokeh spot effects
  • Multi-layer feature for fitting at least 4 different videos on a single screen.
  • Adjustment layer for each option.
  • Speed ramping and video reverse capability for creating custom-made videos.
  • Standalone audio editor for managing music and sounds
  • Video export feature; for exporting videos as screenshot, animated GIF, or 4K&60fps.
  • Eligible for importing 3DL and CUBE files as custom files.

The app itself is available for free, with an optional monthly subscription for $1.99. An annual subscription is available for $8.99, while lifetime access is available for $14.99. The app requires at least iOS 12, and works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Download Focos Live from App Store

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