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CAPCOM: We’ll Use MHW As The Benchmark For Quality Going Forward; Plan Is To Win On The Global Stage


CAPCOM published today the Q&A summary for the Fiscal Year ended on March 31st, 2018. Among the highlights, the company apparently intends to use Monster Hunter World as the benchmark for the level of quality needed for future triple-A releases to succeed. As a reminder, Monster Hunter World sold about eight million units since its launch in early 2018 and that's without the PC version, which is due to launch later this Fall.

We created Monster Hunter: World as a title that takes full advantage of game hardware specifications in order to build Monster Hunter into a global brand. Our success in making it a hit shows both the capabilities of our developers and the brand power of our IP. In order to continue growing as a global company, we are making the level of quality found in Monster Hunter: World a benchmark for the AAA titles we develop going forward.

When asked about the plans for growth in the next five years, CAPCOM replied that it will be critical to be able to win against other publishers on the global stage as Japan's market is too small on its own.

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While the Japanese home video game market is sizable, it is less than 10% the size of the global market. We believe that Capcom must win out against publishers on the global stage, such as those in the U.S. and Europe, in order to grow in the medium- to long-term. Esports, which has been garnering attention throughout the globe, provides the perfect opportunity for us to compete on the world stage. The Capcom brand already enjoys high levels of recognition globally; as such, we are streamlining our corporate structure in order to leverage this brand recognition and win out at the global level.

Last but not least, CAPCOM is going to release two major titles that are estimated to be million sellers. It's likely that one or both of these will be announced between E3 and TGS - stay tuned.