Canadian Retailer Lists Alder Lake Intel Core i5-12400F For 249 CAD (200 USD)


An unknown online Canadian retailer has recently launched product pages for Intel's next-gen Core i5-12400F series CPUs. The prices, however, are slightly higher than anticipated. For instance, Newegg Canada is selling the Core i5-12400F for 249 CAD ($200), the i5-12400 at 287 CAD ($230), and the 15-12700F at 455 CAD ($365), especially when compared to the 11th generation Intel Core Series ($157 and $187 respectively). The current Alder Lake-K versions are currently 75 CAD higher than the non-K i5-12700F from Intel.

Intel's Alder Lake CPUs released a few days ago on November 4th. The presale had started on October 25th last month, but we have seen some manufacturers accidentally breaking embargo dates and some reviewers have broken official embargo dates time and time again.

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The flagship Core i3 CPU SKU from the Alder Lake line is monikered with Core i3-12100F, which showcases four cores with 8 threads—a smaller die of that type with 2 of the cores disabled).

It is currently unknown what the current frequencies will be for the new Intel CPUs, due to the retailer not divulging the information yet. It is speculated that the base clocks would be similar if not the same as the Golden Cove's performance cores. Twitter user @momomo_us was unable to confirm the original retailer who listed the Intel non-K Core CPUs, so only Newegg Canada was referenced as an example.

Right now, there is only speculation from any resources about the actual specifications for the new CPUs. Website suggested configuration with frequencies that were mere guesswork for the newest mid-level non-K Intel CPU models.

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With a launch date sometime in January of 2022, it is surprising for the unknown retailer as well as Newegg Canada listing those now, when the presales for the Alder Lake series were only a few weeks prior to actual release of the products. Is it possible that due to the holiday season that they are trying to prepare for a larger and more profitable start to the New Year? Or, is it possible that the date may change as it gets even more into the holiday season? Unfortunately, everything other than SKUs and pricing are unknown, so we will have to wait and see.

Source: @momomo_us,, VideoCardz