Call of Duty Movie On Hold Despite Having a Script from Joker Writer Scott Silver


Back in 2015 Activision Blizzard announced they were starting their own movie production company and that a full Call of Duty cinematic universe was in the works, and then in 2018 it was reported that production was “ramping up” with Sicario 2: Soldado director Stefano Sollima set to helm to the first film. Well, it seems something has gone awry with the Call of Duty movie in the two years since, because Stefano Sollima now claims the project is “on hold,” despite the fact that The Fighter and Joker writer Scott Silver has worked on the movie’s script.

This information comes courtesy of Italian website BadTaste. The following is a cleaned-up Google translation, so don’t take it as a direct quote, but GameSpot says they’ve verified the key details

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We wrote the script with Scott Silver, who co-wrote Joker, and let's say that the idea of ​​expanding the universe, the cinematic world of Call of Duty, is no longer (at the moment) a priority of the group, of Activision. So, it has stood still, something that happens quite frequently in America.

The Call of Duty movie/cinematic universe not being a high priority isn’t a huge shock. Obviously, Activision Blizzard was very gung-ho in 2015, but then the Warcraft movie arrived to mediocre reviews and box office returns and probably threw off plans. That said, Activision Blizzard Studios are still working on various projects – the LinkedIn page of the division’s co-president Nick van Dyk was recently updated with details about new Diablo and Overwatch animated series, seemingly confirming some earlier rumors.

What do you think? Do you have any interest in a Call of Duty movie, or perhaps even a full CoD cinematic universe? I have nothing against the idea, I’m just not entirely sure what would set a Call of Duty movie apart from any other war flick. Maybe someday we’ll get an answer to that question.