Buy Cereal, Get A Microsoft Store Coupon For $10 Off Purchase Of $25 Or More

Jeff Williams

Do you like cereal? Good. Do you like Golden Crisps? Well, even if you don't, you can still find a coupon inside the box for $10 off of a $25 purchase or more at the Microsoft store.

$10 off of a $25 purchase or more in the Microsoft store just for buying a $2.58 box of cereal.

And Golden Crisp cereal doesn't taste too horrible either. It's just extremely full of sugar. If you were feeling particularly generous, you could also buy the cereal, take the code from the inside of the box then donate the unopened bag of cereal to those that might enjoy the sugary taste a bit more.

Regardless, this could potentially be seen as a net of $7.42 (depending on location, cereal might be priced differently wherever you are) that you can use to help you enjoy the blistering hot summer days a bit more.

Also, you can use that coupon to pre-order an Xbox One game coming out this year to receive 15,000 Xbox Live rewards points, which is roughly $15 in value. Those points are apparently given to you when the game ships, however.

Of course this can also be used for anything else in the Microsoft Store and isn't just limited to games, though $10 hardly seems like enough to be worthwhile unless stacked with other coupons you may have lying around. For a game, however, that amount off could be worth it.

You can use that coupon for the following on the Microsoft Store:

  • Xbox Live Currency
  • EA Access Membership
  • Preorder games (such as Rare Replay & Gears of War Ultimate)
  • Any game more than $25
  • Any combination of lower priced games adding up to more than $25
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