Bullet Train, Epic Games Reveals a Sci-Fi Shooter Built Especially for the Oculus Touch


Epic Games showed off their most recent Unreal Engine 4 powered game at the Oculus Connect 2 conference today. Bullet Train gives a surreal experience made especially for the Oculus Rift, Gear VR and is even built around the Oculus Touch.

Bullet Train is more than just a demo, but the beginnings of a new type of medium revolving around VR.

Bullet Train is an evolution of their DK2 demo, Couch Knights which was started as a demo to employ many of the different technologies involved with VR in an Unreal Engine game. The experience that they've created is built completely around the Oculus Touch controllers, letting you interact with the environment in all dimensions.

You can control not just locomotion with the half-moon looking controllers, but also to pick up weapons and experience an interesting and visceral experience. Inside you'll apparently be able to take advantage of a bullet time mechanism, something similar to what's found in Max Payne, though a lot more personal from the FPS perspective.

This is just one of many new games that is on the fringe of combining gaming and virtual reality in novel ways. Tim Sweeney himself sees VR as an important part of the future, something that he thinks can have the potential to change the world, even.