THIS Bravia comes with it’s OWN PS2!!!


What happens when you cross breed a Sony Bravia with a Sony PlayStation 2? the end result is THIS is what you get:

This is DEFINITELY not one of Sony's high end LCD's but it's definitely WORTH every penny. The model number is Sony KDL-22PX300 as the model number indicates this is INDEED a 22" LCD, but does YOUR LCD have its own built in PlayStation 2? Didn't think so. For a mind boggling price of only USD $315 this thing comes with a PS2 but it comes with

  • 4 x HDMI ports
  • VGA
  • Component
  • USB
  • And even ETHERNET

Dear GOD this thing is a DREAM come true, the price tag is absolutely AMAZING for such a grand TV 😀 although it will be a pain when we will have to get the lens cleaned out every now and then considering that the PS2 is built in to the TV, aside from that this TV is the perfect dream of every console owner. After 10 years the PS2 still holds its head high and this is just another way of showing how truly awesome the console continues to be.

Source: 1UP