Bootloader Unlock And Root HTC Droid DNA Easily With All-In-One Droid DNA Toolkit

Finally there is some great news for Verizon HTC Droid DNA owners looking to root their devices in the easiest possible way. We have seen some gigantic rooting guides on various forums and portals, but none of them was simple and required you to be extremely careful while you handled the DNA – like a live wire. However, things do tend to get simpler when it is Android and after a raw rooting method is discovered, an easier method always surfaces that makes the gig piece of a cake. Something similar has been done in Droid DNA’s case and XDA recognized developer, not a “news poster”, has developed a tool that lets you easily acquire permanent root on your Droid DNA.

With this all in one HTC Droid DNA kit by Hasoon2000, you can unlock the bootloader get permanent root, acquire the ability to flash custom kernels, recoveries and fix some errors. What else do you need from a rooting and unlocking tool? I think this is awesome and everyone with a Droid DNA should give this a go. However, no matter how noob-proof or easy it becomes to root or unlock your Android device, it is still suggested to be extremely careful and cautious.


However, if you are the developer of this tool, then please rest assured that we aren't posting this as our work and all credits for this tool remain with you (I had to give this affirmation since the dev of this tool is very apprehensive about other people posting stuff under their own name etc.).

The HTC Droid DNA All-In-One Toolkit comes with myriad of tools and tweaks. This tool allows you to install HTC drivers, register at HTC Dev, Getting and submitting the token ID and unlocking the bootloader. Well, you won’t find all these features and tweaks packaged in a single tool anywhere else. The Hasoon2000 HTC Droid DNA All in one tool kit also comes with the capability to boot into bootloader, boot into recovery, restarting phone and relocking the bootloader.

The tool also helps you in installing APKs, fixing the Mainver error and permanently rooting your phone. The recovery section of this phone allows you to flash either ClockWorkMod Recovery or TWRP. You can also flash a custom recovery if you want. The kernel flashing section allows you to install kernels (no rocket science in this one).

So how exactly can you use All-In-One Droid DNA kit to root and unlock your HTC Droid DNA bootloader? Well, it is simple, all you need to do is download the kit on your PC, execute the program and select the option you want to use. Since, in our opinion, the developer has barred “other people” from linking directly to “his” creation and we assume that it applies on writing instructions as well, so you can head to the official XDA thread over here and download the program plus read all about its extended features and bugs, if any. In case you need any hands on help unlocking your phone, you can also contact the developer by clicking this link.

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