BlueStacks Inside Allows Mobile Games to Be Run ‘Natively’ on Steam

PC gaming platform and Android emulator BlueStacks has launched BlueStacks Inside, which enables mobile game developers to publish their games on Steam. BlueStacks inside lets developers take existing mobile games to Steam and Discord. Rosen Sharma, BlueStacks CEO,  said in a statement to Venturebeat:

What we see is that the BlueStacks and Steam audiences overlap almost completely. So the partnership gives gamers access to the entire Android gaming library right on their PCs. We eliminate the need for separate development teams just to bring mobile games to a PC audience. When published with BlueStacks, a player downloading the game through Steam gets the full game experience. It isn’t BlueStacks. It isn’t Steam. It’s a PC game.

BlueStacks Inside for Steam will give developers access to a host of features that include Steam’s Community Hub, promotions, curators, and collections. Developers can even process payments via the Steam Wallet, eliminating the need for integrating third-party solutions. Another advantage is that developers can directly target Steam's audience without any additional work.

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BlueStacks Inside is currently in soft launch with a few select partners. Mobile developers such as  KOG Funplus, Fabled Game Studio will very likely work with Bluestacks instead of creating full-fledged PC ports. Rafael Noh, vice president at KOG, said, “We want players to play on their terms. If they want to play on PC, then we want them to have the best experience. BlueStacks Inside gives us the ability to distribute the best PC experience to players on platforms they already use.”

One of the principle differences between PC and Mobile Gaming was the availability factor. PC gamers had to rely on digital distribution services such as Steam, Uplay and Origin while mobile users had to rely on the Play Store and App Store. Some might argue that the whole point of mobile gaming is that it happens on a mobile device. A lot of players rely on emulators for their mobile gaming needs and the program will greatly help such people.

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