Black Op’s intro’s Wager Matches it’s all about the money!


We all know games like Poker, Black jack and even roulette have a way for players to make something out of nothing given that they know how to play, well Black Ops has bought something completely new to the table and it's called Wager Matches, WM consists of 4 free for all matches each with a different objective but in this you are not playing for kill streak or XP you are playing for money.

The first wager match game mode is called "One in the Chamber"

In this game mode every player on the map has one pistol with bullet, you have to kill players to earn an extra bullet, if you lose the bullet you have to either knife your opponent or die trying. You have 3 lives so you have to make them count.

The second wager match game mode is called "Sticks and Stones"

In this game mode you only have ballistic knives, crossbow / torque bow and tomahawk (throwing knife), the Tomohawk is perhaps the most lethal weapon in this game, because getting killed by it will instantly bankrupt you.

The third wager match game mode is called "Gun Game"

In this game mode you and every other player starts of with a pistol, but unlike one in the chamber you have a full clip, and you have to kill players to unlock the next best weapon or a better weapon. If you get knifed in this mode you lose one tier, i.e if you just unlocked the dual 9mm's from the revolver, if you are to die with the 9mm's you fall back to the revolver so in layman terms you fall back to your previous weapon and the player who achieves the highest level weapon wins the game.

The fourth wager match game mode is called "Sharp Shooter"

In this game mode you and all the other players start off with the same weapons and the weapons you hold change after a fixed amount of time, with each kill you earn a perk and a multiplier.

The way to win Wager Matches is to come in the top 3 rank, which is called being "In the Money" if your not in the top 3 you lose money and its divided equally among the top 3 victors.

I consider this a very thrilling game mode and will definitely want to try this game mode out when I get my hands on the game! If I needed another reason to get my hands on this game this would definitely be one of the top reasons!

Source: ArsTechnica