Black Desert Online CBT1 Scheduled For December; More Details From Community Q&A


A new Community Q&A hosted by Daum Games Europe answered some questions about the upcoming Black Desert Online CBT1. The event will take place in December, from Thursday 7AM UTC to Monday 8AM UTC, though the actual dates still have to be nailed down.

Project Manager Daniel Loehr (who answered the questions and gave us some exclusive information during our Paris Games Week interview) also specified that both CBT2 and the final release will happen in Q1 2016.

Streaming/recording content will be allowed since the Black Desert Online CBT1, so even if you don't get a key you'll be able to watch gameplay on Twitch/YouTube. There will be some changes based on feedback, such as the ability to toggle walking and darker nights (which you'll be able to enlighten with lanterns). Loehr also confirmed that there will be a full character wipe after the closed beta events, which makes sense since the pre-order packages feature a bonus headstart.

Regarding PvP, Siege War will not be available for release since Daum Games Europe intends to allow everyone to prepare their character first and get familiar with the game. On the other hand, the smaller Node Wars should be available for testing during CBT2.

We'll keep you updated on the final Black Desert Online CBT1 date whenever Daum Games Europe shares it.