Bixby Marketplace for Assistant Apps Live in the US and South Korea

Samsung Bixby

Samsung has launched its Bixby Marketplace in the US and South Korea, which is a dedicated store for Bixby-compatible apps and services for supported Samsung hardware. It is now open and available through the main Bixby portal on your Samsung smartphone. Samsung says that it'll eventually be merged with the Galaxy App Store. The marketplace will be host to all kinds of services and plugins that Samsung is calling “capsules” to enhance the capabilities of the Bixby voice assistant. The add-ons have been categorised under travel and transport, food and drink, sports, shopping, productivity, with more on top.

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Users can access the Bixby Marketplace from the Bixby main page. Searching by capsule name, developer or keyword makes it easy to find the capsules you need. Samsung curates user reviews highlight capsules that users may find useful. Capsules can also be added with a single tap of a button, and users can also rate and review capsules.

Additionally, users can set a capsule as the “preferred capsule” for certain types of requests. For example, if a user says “Get me a ride to San Francisco airport”, Bixby will prompt the user to pick one of the supported Rideshare capsules. Users will have the option to set their favourite provider as their preferred Rideshare capsule. Once that is set, any Rideshare request would automatically go to the user’s preferred provider by default. Essentially, one won't have to say "Get me a ride to San Francisco Airport using Uber/Lyft" anymore.

Bixby Marketplace is now open to available to users in the U.S. and Korea. There is no word about other markets just yet, but Samsung is expected to tell us more at the Samsung Developers Conference which will be held later this year. All in all, the Bixby marketplace is a decent upgrade for the voice assistant. But it'll take a lot more than this to put Bixby on par with the likes of Google Assistant and Alexa.

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