Big Claims – Nintendo Claims 11 More ‘Great’ Games Than PS4 and Xbox One Put Together

Abdullah Awan

Nintendo has often been known to get into the console competition even though some might differentiate in opinion that it aims at an entirely different customer base. But that doesn't and didn't stop them this time round either. Nintendo claimed that the 3DS and the Wii U have 11 more 'great' games than the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 combined.

The Parameters of 'Great' set by Nintendo

The definition of great set by Nintendo is a Meta-score of at least 85 combined with a user rating of  8.5 and above. Where the Xbox One trails with no games to match this condition, the PlayStation 4 has two games that fit the category whereas the PS Vita has the greatest i.e. 6 games to its name with a rating of 85 and a user score of 8.5.

The PlayStation and the Xbox One have been listed as 'Other Consoles' in the poster and it clearly depicts clear dominion of anyone who doesn't know more about the three consoles.

What's Wrong with Nintendo's Claim?

There are some very basic problems that will make sense to many. They are:

  • The specific cut off at the 85 rating is a big problem as many games are categorised in the 80 to 84 range can also be termed as great and the meta-score overall rating does not reflect the 'greatness' of the game although it does define a big chunk of it.
  • The other consoles are meant for a very different kind of audience. The PlayStation and Xbox One are globally used by teenagers and adults alike whereas the Nintendo consoles cater to mostly children and teenagers alone so the type of games available are completely different.
  • The parameters of a great game are not just satisfied by ratings here as the type of games are different. A game in PS4 and Xbox One is very different as compared to those in Nintendo. It would've been a more valid claim given that the genre or type of the games were one category. Where a Nintendo game focuses on bright graphics and entertaining gameplay, a PlayStation or and Xbox game focuses more on the detail in graphics, the performance of the game and how well the game reveals itself as the time passes.
  • Another Important fact to be considered is that the Wii U is a year older than the PS4 and Xbox One consoles making it much more likely that they have a greater number of games as the Wii U has been in the market twice as long as its apparent competition.

The fault in Nintendo's claim can be attested by the fact that PlayStation and Xbox outsold the Nintendo in the previous years and the Nintendo sales actually dropped by a surprising margin of $228 million in 2013 as compared to 2012 regardless of some very popular titles like 'Pikmin 3' and the "Super Mario 3D World'.

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