Top Best iPhone XR Cases to Buy Today – Here’s Our List

Uzair Ghani
iPhone XR cases

Here's our list of the top best iPhone XR cases you can buy today. These options are all great and will protect your device from all corners.

Grab The Best iPhone XR Cases Today and Keep it Protected as Soon as You Open the Box

Rather than talking about how bad dropping a phone is and seeing a cracked back or screen, let's jump into the available case options for the iPhone XR.

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Spigen Thin Fit 360

iPhone XR cases

Spigen knows what's up when it comes to making certain things. This option has a case and tempered glass screen protector in one package. Buy this and skip the rest of the list below. I'm serious.

Buy Spigen Thin Fit 360 for iPhone XR: $18.99

Spigen Ultra Hybrid 360

iPhone XR cases

Not feeling the matte black look of the Thin Fit case? Then go for the Ultra Hybrid 360 option. It features a clear case bundled with a screen protector. Again, another option that is extreme value for money.

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid 360: $18.99

Besiva Slim Fit Premium Hybrid

iPhone xr cases

The name of the case might be a mouthful, but for a price of just $7.99 you're getting a clear case that plays insanely nicely with drops and tumbles. Since it's a clear case therefore you can show off the color of the iPhone XR you went for.

Buy Besiva Slim Fit Premium Hybrid: $7.99


iPhone XR Cases

This case might be a dollar cheaper than the Spigen combos listed above, but SUPCASE is super rugged and will laugh back at you if you happen to drop it anywhere.

Buy SUPCASE UB Neo Series: $17.99


iPhone XR cases

Need to bling up your iPhone XR? Then look no further than this case. And oh, don't let it looks fool you - this case is tough on all levels.

Buy LEAPTECH Hybrid: $10.99

Urban Armor Pathfinder SE Camo

iPhone XR cases

There's nothing more exciting than an iPhone case that has 'tactical' written all over it. This option from Urban Armor is as tough as you and is ready to rule the outdoors.

Buy Urban Armor Pathfinder SE Camo: $49.95

Ainope Airbag

iPhone XR cases

It is a plain and simple transparent case with decent-enough drop protection. You probably don't need more than this.

Buy Ainope Airbag: $10.99

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

iPhone XR Cases

Spigen is a name you can trust and this case is something you can trust for the entire year. Pick it up and forget it's even there.

Buy Spigen Ultra Hybrid: $12.99

TOZO Slim Thin Fit

iPhone XR cases

Don't let its price fool you. This case is thin and will handle day to day routine without any issues. Since it is thin, therefore it won't hinder a lot of tasks.

Buy TOZO Slim Thin Fit: $9.99

Mkeke Clear Case

iPhone XR Cases

For just $7.99, this is a surprisingly good looking clear case. If you're not planning on top dollar for a case then pick this up immediately.

Buy Mkeke Clear Case: $7.99

Yliquor 360 Case

iPhone XR cases

Check this out: this case covers the front and back of the iPhone XR for a price of just $0.89. Have we startled you too much?

Buy Yliquor 360 Case: $0.89

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