Best Cyber Monday 2019 Deals on Android Tablets, Starting from $119 for 10-inch Tablet

Android tablets on sale for Cyber Monday

There are plenty of tablet deals happening right now, but if you want an Android tablet, then these are the best options available today.

Dive into the World of Android Tablets by Spending Just $119.99 on Cyber Monday, Deals Available from Samsung and Lenovo

Apart from the great Chromebook deals available today, you can grab yourself an Android tablet too at a great discount if that's the route you wish to take. But honestly, the $249.99 iPad deal is still up and running, and something which you should take advantage of. Even still, if you really, really want to be on the Android side of the fence then these are the deals which you can check out right now:

If you are going to use a tablet for things like browsing the web, check email, a little bit of YouTube and Netflix, then the tablets above will get everything done in a swift fashion. Sure, these tablets won't end up replacing your laptop or anything, but that's exactly what you are buying these devices for - just a vanilla tablet experience.

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