Best Budget-Friendly Ultra-Wide Monitors for M1 Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air


Theses are the best budget-friendly ultra-wide monitors you can purchase for your M1-powered Mac mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro for the ultimate desktop setup.

Get the Best Ultra-Wide Monitor for Your M1-Powered Mac mini, MacBook Pro or Mac mini if You Have a Tight Budget

Ultimately, you are going to drop some cash on a wicked desktop setup. If you have made up your mind about it and happen to have one of Apple's M1-powered Macs, then we will highlight some of the best ultra-wide monitors you can buy which are budget-friendly. These options are quite cheap compared to the usual products you end up seeing.

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Note: Due to the low price point of these monitors, some of them do not feature a USB-C port, therefore you have to use an adapter to convert USB-C to HDMI.

VIOTEK Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

For just $299, you are getting a 34-inch panel with a 100Hz refresh rate, FreeSync, 1500R curvature, 1080p resolution, which are the bare essentials for a true, wide desktop experience.

Buy VIOTEK Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor - $299

Sceptre Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor

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Slightly bigger at 35-inches, this monitor features a 1440p QHD panel. That extra resolution and inch means you can fit in more on your desktop for serious productivity.

Buy Sceptre Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor - $379

LG Ultra-Wide with HDR10

This monitor from LG gives up the curvature and panel size in favor of low price. At 29-inches, it won't take up too much space on your desk, and it still offers 1080p resolution for crisp and clear images. HDR10 support is thrown in for good measure, too.

Buy LG Ultra-Wide with HDR10 - $249

Sceptre Curved Ultra-Wide, 200Hz

If I was to pick just one monitor that was good 'value for money' then this one from Sceptre would be it. It features a 30-inch curved panel with 1080p resolution and a 200Hz refresh rate. You can't beat that at all!

Buy Sceptre Curved Ultra-Wide, 200Hz - $278

Philips Frameless Ultra-Wide

With a 34-inch panel, 1080p resolution and a USB-C port that supports 65W Power Delivery, this monitor is made to be used with a Mac.

Buy Philips Frameless Ultra-Wide - $319

LG Ultra-Wide IPS Monitor

This is the cheapest ultra-wide monitor in this list. It's 25-inches big, features 1080p resolution and does everything a basic monitor should.

Buy LG Ultra-Wide IPS Monitor - $199

LG Ultra-Wide FHD Monitor

Compared to the option listed above, this one is slightly bigger at 29-inches. It's a barebones monitor.

Buy LG Ultra-Wide FHD Monitor - $199

That concludes our list. If you find something useful here, do let us know in the comments. If you would like to add something which we missed, hit us up!

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