Best Apple AirTag Keychain Cases Available Right Now [List]


This is a list of the best Apple AirTag keychain cases that you can buy right now. This allows you to take your AirTag anywhere securely.

Keep Your AirTag Protected with These Keychain Cases Available Today for Purchase

While the AirTag is great and all, but Apple refused to put a tiny hole in the accessory for hanging it in our existing keychains. But that is fine, it is Apple we are dealing with and such things tend to happen.

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Thankfully, if you head over to Amazon right now, there are tons of keychain cases available for AirTag. There are plenty to choose from, but we will stick with the basics and the best ones in our list.

Spigen Valentinus

Obviously, we are going to start our list with the best company in the case world. This case features a sturdy design with a giant keychain ring to hang your AirTag anywhere you like.

Spigen Valentinus with Keychain Ring Designed for AirTag - $17.99

KENBU AirTag Case with Keychain Hook

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Available in a wide variety of colors and fully washable, these AirTag cases are super easy on the wallet too. Just hang them around and go.

Buy KENBU AirTag Case with Keychain Hook - $6.99

Caseology Vault for AirTag

Certainly not cheap at $13.99, but definitely high quality and offers protection right out of the box. Thanks to its super tough design, you can hang your AirTag outside your bag without worrying about anything.

Buy Caseology Vault for AirTag - $13.99

Dadanism Leather Case for AirTag

If leather is your go-to look, then this case is what you need. It even comes in a 2-pack for just $19.99 which is excellent value for money.

Buy Dadanism Leather Case for AirTag - $19.99

DamonLight Case for AirTag

Craving simplicity and want protection at the same time? Then this case option from DamonLight is what you need. Thanks to its simple design, it will not draw much attention either.

Buy DamonLight Case for AirTag - $12.99

We will conclude our list with just five options for today. There were more available, but we believe these are the ones that are worth your time, for now.

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