Can You Beat Bloodborne Without Leveling Up? This Guy Can


Have you ever had the inkling to play an action-adventure game straight through without leveling up before? How about an RPG? Nearly impossible isn't it. Well, not really it seems. A digital superhuman was able to beat Bloodborne without leveling up at all and without using any guns. Fascinating.

Digital superhuman beats Bloodborne without leveling and without taking advantage of game bugs or glitches to skip levels.

It's quite interesting to watch the above video, but BOYvsVIDEOGAME, as he goes through Bloodborne, precariously I might add, trying to beat each and every level without leveling up and without using guns. What's more is that he doesn't seem to get so frustrated when he accidentally dies.

It just shows that with a little bit of strategy, some quick thumbs and fingers and a lot of patience, you can actually go through Bloodborne and make a mockery of those that oppose you.

What's even more fun to watch is the blood-starved beast boss fight with no guns, showing that it's possible, though it might take you one heck of a long time to do it.

Not impressed yet? Well, check out his other videos to see the struggle through some other boss fights. This is his thing, this is what he does, and he's good at it. A true dedicated video gamer that wants to do something unique. I can't help but smile at the great intro music he has on his videos too. It's pure gold.