Bcon Is A Wearable PC Gaming Device That Lets You Perform In-Game Actions by Moving Your Foot

Alessio Palumbo

German manufacturer CapLab is working on a very particular wearable for gamers. The Bcon is meant to be tied to your foot (though it can also work when equipped elsewhere via spatial orientation) so that with a slight movement you may activate certain in-game actions in PC games.

The device connects via Bluetooth technology and has a latency comparable to that of a conventional Bluetooth keyboard. It can be used on both PC and Mac as is, though the configuration software which lets users customize their own bindings (as well as the desired sensitivity) is only available on Windows 10.

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Even more than one such device can be used at once, as long as you have a matching number of parallel Bluetooth connections on your PC. Below you can find the wearable's specifications, feature set, a few GIFs and a pre-launch trailer to learn more.

The Bcon is set to debut later this year. If you sign up for the official newsletter here, you'll get a discount code.


Connected wirelessly with any PC, there´s no need to rearrange your mouse or keyboard. Making use of the HID protocol the Bcon allows for frictionless use alongside your existing peripherals and key bindings – ultimately becoming an additional input device.

HID is the abbreviation of Human Interface Device and denotes computer devices such as mice, joysticks and keyboards. The Bcon utilizes the Bluetooth HID profile which has been designed with low latency and low power requirements in mind. As such the Bcon is ready for long-tailed competitive game sessions while it does not interfere with your battle-hardened gaming gear.


Up to 24 keys become immediately available to you. Now an easy move of the foot is enough to trigger actions that where formerly impossible to reach in the heat of the battle. You can even unleash entire combos with a quick twitch reducing mechanical fails down to a minimum.


Built with core gaming in mind and designed to be mounted directly to your sneaker or foot, the Bcon becomes the World´s Premier Gaming Wearable that is worn to perform. The ergonomic fixation allows for a swift fastening and remains comfortable regardless of any sitting position or game session length.

The Bcon is affixed to the body of the wearer in two easy steps: Fasten its socket to your body, e.g. to your foot, and place the Bcon onto the socket.


Main Features

  • 108 keys freely assignable to up to 24 additional hotkeys
  • Up to 4 fully customizable key sequences w/o any automation scripts
  • Proprietary configuration tool with adjustable sensitivity settings
  • Pause mode and on the fly re-calibration for maximum usability in all sitting positions

Tech Specs

  • Powerful Cortex-M4 32-bit processor running at 64MHz
  • 3-axis sensors sampling position 1,000 times per second
  • High performance, high brightness full-color SMT LEDs
  • Vibration motor providing haptic feedback at up to 11,000 revolutions per minute
  • Micro USB standard port for charging – no special power supply needed
  • LiPoly battery providing approx. 6 hours of continuous gaming
  • Rechargeable in use – built-in memory saving configuration thresholds beyond battery outage
  • Approximate size:
    • Length: 63mm/2.48’’
    • Width: 50mm/1.97’’
    • Height: 15mm/0.59’’
  • Approximate weight: 40g/0.09lbs

System Requirements

  • Bluetooth enabled PC
  • Windows® 10 for optimal use of configuration software
  • Any PC game supporting keyboard commands

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