Bayonetta 3 Trailer Reveals its Multiverse-Spanning Story and Alternate Bayonettas Aplenty

Nathan Birch
Bayonetta 3

Nintendo has been hinting at it for a while, but in their latest Bayonetta 3 trailer they let the demon cat out of the bag, revealing the game is indeed a full-on multiverse spanning epic with multiple alternate versions of Bayonetta from around the world. We also get a new peek at gameplay, and surprising new type of side mission for the fan-favorite Jeanne. You can check out the trailer for yourself below, although honestly, it’s a bit spoilery, so proceed with caution if you want to go in completely fresh.

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Nintendo definitely didn’t hold back on that one! Need to know more about Bayonetta 3? Here are all the key points you need to know, and my hands-on preview of the game’s updated kaiju-infused combat system. If you’ve only got a minute to spare, here’s a quick official description…

"Bayonetta struts through multiple locations in an all-new, over-the-top climax action game. Sporting a wicked new ensemble and somehow familiar pigtails, the titular Umbra Witch must face a mysterious evil using her signature guns and time-slowing Witch Time ability. This time, invading manmade bioweapons called Homunculi find themselves in Bayonetta’s crosshairs."

  • Get ready for a devilishly good time - Tap into Bayonetta’s naughtier side with Demon Masquerade, a new ability that channels the demon linked to her weapon allowing for some exciting action options, not to mention some hair-raising combos. She can also summon her demonic darlings like Gomorrah, Malphas, and Phantasmaraneae during battle, unleashing their demonic powers in the heat of combat and in new, larger-than-life battles where you directly control the action.
  • A bounty of Bayonettas - Fight your way through the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China, and many other locales! Along the way you’ll meet a virtual coven of Bayonettas, each more fabulous than the last. You’ll also slash and slay as Viola, a feisty witch in training who fights with a sword and a capricious companion, the demon Cheshire. Find out what fate awaits Bayonetta, and if this arcane alliance can really save reality!

Bayonetta 3 arrives on Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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