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Battlefield V Company Progression Detailed in New Trailer, Xbox One X Bundles Announced


Battlefield V has taken Gamescom 2018 by storm – just prior to the show’s official opening, EA revealed their World War II shooter will support NVIDIA RTX ray tracing tech and announced a date for the game’s open beta, and during this morning’s Inside Xbox Gamescom livestream, they dropped a few new details about The Company Progression system. Check out a new trailer, below.

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For those who haven’t been keeping tabs on all of Battlefield V’s features, The Company is the game’s updated personalization and progression system, which will allow you to create multiple characters and organize your ever-growing collection of weapons, vehicles, cosmetics, and other goodies. The Company is also how you’ll track your progression, with players being able to individually rank up their Class, Weapons, Vehicles, Career, and more.

Characters can be one of four different classes (Assault, Support, Medic, Recon), each of which now has multiple subclasses, or Combat Roles, to choose from. Here’s some more detail on classes:

The iconic classes of Recon, Support, Assault, and Medic return – each excelling at different battlefield conditions than the other, according to their distinct abilities and loadout. You can switch between classes during matches, so you'll always have the best tools and skills for the fight.


The Assault class is the infantry backbone, always out front and excelling when it comes to close-quarter battles. Medium to long range weapons that require snap decision-making and shotguns are the Assault class' tools of the trade. They also know their way around explosives, a nitroglycerin thumb, so to speak.


The Support class keeps their squad moving at every turn. Their weaponry is fit for close and medium range and typically has a high rate of fire, letting you lay down a steady stream of bullets. The Support class is also a Fortification expert, able to build them quicker than any other class, as well as able to add mounted guns and other hardware to them.


The Medic is the difference between life and death, helping the squad survive as long as possible. They hold their own in combat with medium-range weapons, but the medic's true weapon is the syringe, which revives any teammate faster than the new non-medic revive available to everyone in your squad.


This class is the glint of reflective light the enemy sees in the distance before they're on the ground calling for a Medic. The sniper rifle is the hallmark of the Recon class, where precision, patience, and map knowledge let them neutralize enemies from afar.

Combat Roles

Consider the four base classes as a starting point. New to Battlefield V is the introduction of Combat Roles, previously known as “Archetypes.” Each Class gets two Combat Roles at launch to choose from, with one equipped as a default. More Combat Roles will release gradually as part of Tides of War, giving players enough time to master each before providing them with additional options to choose from.

Combat Roles for each class offer a deeper level of customization, which lets you better adapt to the battlefield situation. Think of them as a type of swap-able package of benefits that gives you more flexibility to tackle a specific objective. For example: let's say you are pushing foes back non-stop as an Assault Class, and suddenly the enemy starts rolling in more tanks — you can quickly adjust by switching to a Combat Role that gives you a set of benefits meant to better deal with enemy vehicles.

And here’s a bit of extra information about The Company’s various forms of progression:

Your soldiers, weapons, and vehicles will progress by you playing the game. You’ll get to choose your path in a Specialization tree, where various weapon aspects can be added and improved. If you want to explore it all, you can have multiple weapons and vehicles of the same kind and progress them in different ways. Say you’re a fan of a certain weapon. like the MP40 -- one MP40 could have improved hipfire, while you may choose reduced recoil on the other.

You will also acquire new weapons and vehicles during your Battlefield V journey and earn additional progression there. This all connects to the Tides of War, which is our marquee way of delivering and highlighting all the new gear and activities for Battlefield V. As we introduce new vehicles or gameplay we also want to teach you ways to play them, through events, missions, and more. You’ll see how a new Machine Gunner on the German side oppose the Paratrooper on allied side, for instance. Tides of War also adds a touch of history and a narrative theme around them.

During the Inside Xbox stream, it was also revealed Microsoft is releasing several Battlefield V Xbox One bundles. There will be standard Xbox One S and Xbox One X 1TB bundles, but the coolest of the bunch is the Battlefield V Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition bundle, which includes a sexy dark gold/grey console, Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, and Battlefield 1943 as a bonus. Pre-orders should be opening soon. Check this baby out…

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The Battlefield V open beta kicks off on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on September 6. Those who pre-order or subscribe to EA Access, Origin Access, Origin Access Premier can get started on the beta two days early on September 4.

Battlefield V storms onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 19. Those who pre-order the Deluxe Edition can play three days early on October 16, and Origin Access Premier members can play the full game eight days early on October 11.