Battlefield V Gets One Last Content Update This Summer, New Anti-Cheat Measures Coming


Battlefield V Chapter 6 is winding down, and most assumed this would pretty much be the end of new content for the World War II shooter. Battlefield V’s “Tides of War” live service was only supposed to have six chapters and it’s about time DICE moved on to something new. Well, surprise surprise – it seems BFV is getting one last update this summer!

DICE hasn’t revealed much about this final standalone update, other than to say it will include new “content, weapons, and game tweaks.” They’ve also revealed a single screenshot, which seems to indicate the update may take us back to North Africa.

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Here’s a bit more detail about what’s coming over the next few months:

  • New Content: A new update will be released this summer.
  • Weekly Rewards: Following the summer update, you’ll receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as Weekly Rewards, giving you a chance to unlock gear you may have missed.
  • Events and Activities: We’re also planning various weekly initiatives such as the reintroduction of #FridayNightBattlefield servers, where the community can play Battlefield V in a friendly atmosphere. Throwback Thursdays, where we'll look to bring you together across all of our Battlefield titles are in the works, too.
  • We are continuing our work on Community Games Updates. We are committed to bringing these to the game and we’ll keep you updated on when you can expect them to start coming online.

DICE also promises they’re continuing to work on new anti-cheat measures for Battlefield V, which is admirable considering the game is coming up on two years old. This is often the point where devs just throw their hands up and let the cheaters win.

Battlefield V is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game’s final content update should arrive sometime in June, although COVID-19 may delay things somewhat.