Battlefield V Single-Player Trailer Delivers Intense Action from Four Unique Perspectives

Call of Duty may be ditching the single-player campaign this year, but Battlefield V definitely isn’t. In keeping with tradition, EA and DICE’s shooter will include a series of episodic War Stories, which showcase a variety of different characters and World War II fronts. We’ve already seen a bit of footage from the Norwegian-set “Nordlys” chapter, but the latest Battlefield V trailer also gives us a peek at three other War Stories. You can check it out, below.

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Pretty intense stuff! For those who couldn’t quite keep up with everything going on, here’s a breakdown of Battlefield V’s four main War Stories:

  • Nordlys is set in 1943, during the Nazi occupation of Norway. You play as a young freedom fighter who  has to brave the elements, German soldiers, and more in order to save her family.
  • Tirailleur follows a French Colonial Forces unit from Senegal who find themselves defending a home they’ve never even seen before.
  • Under No Flag casts players as a young English criminal who’s recruited to sneak behind enemy lines and destroy German air bases in North Africa.
  • And finally, The Last Tiger switches things up to tells a story from the other side of the war. The chapter focuses on a German Tiger I tank crew near the end of the war, who are beginning to question what they’ve been fighting for.

Seems like we’re getting a nice variety of stories – I’m particularly anticipating playing through the Nordlys and Under No Flag chapters. It will also be interesting to what DICE does with the German side in The Last Tiger. Nordlys, Tirailleur, Under No Flag, and a Prologue chapter will be available to play on launch day. The Last Tiger will arrive a month later in December.

Battlefield V storms onto PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on November 20.

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