Battlefield Bad Company 3 is Not in Active Development


Battlefield Bad Company 3 has been a long awaited title, the Bad Company series was a good way of branching out the Battlefield name and considering how addictive Bad Company 2 made the multiplayer an all so addictive experience with the added DLC of Vietnam, fans of the series have long been anticipating news on what they are hoping might soon be a trilogy. Battlefield's official twitter account has just confirmed that EA does not have Bad Company 3 in its sights but is more focused towards Battlefield 4 and maybe Mirrors Edge 2 with all the surprise appearances the game is making.

Battlefield Bad Company 3

Battlefield Bad Company 3 might not be making a comeback this year, lets hope for the years to come.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 has been a long awaited question for the fans of the series, while the series has a decent single player campaign and the multiplayer campaign of the game also has a good replay value to it, fans will definitely be sad to hear that the series will not be getting a trilogy to it any time soon. EA and DICE are all hands on deck with Battlefield 4 at the moment and considering the massive success of Battlefield 3, I wouldn't be surprised if they are to work twice as hard on Battlefield 4 to make it truly stand out from its predecessor.

The following exchange of tweets helps affirm that Battlefield Bad Company 3 won't be coming out anytime soon (For this year anyway)

I can understand that DICE and EA have their hands full with Battlefield 4 and probably Mirrors Edge 2 since the game has since been listed on a couple of amazon sites and even on EA Help Center.

From the above links I wouldn't be surprised if Mirrors Edge 2 will make a surprise appearance at E3 seeing as how the game is long over due for a sequel and the next gen is just the right place for the return of the game.