Batman: Arkham Knight Available on PC, Again, Bugs Fixed and Finally Playable, Or is it?


Batman Arkham Knight is finally available once again for the PC after having undergone extensive optimization following major issues when it was initially released on June 23rd. Those that buy Batman Arkham Knight before November 16th will get free copies of the entire past Batman library.

Batman Arkham Knight has been revitalized and re-released with much better performance.

The re-release fixes a tremendous amount of the issues surrounding the graphical performance and other bugs and glitches that were found upon initial release. The community was very upset about the state of the game, so much so, that Warner Bros actually took the PC version off the market entirely until it could be fixed.

It's been quite a long road with many different DLC packs available to the consoles that include quite a few different costume packs and actual content.  So it's nice to see that Batman Arkham Knight is finally available in full for the PC, and actually runs quite well.

To compensate those that purchased it when it initially released, WB is giving away free copies of the entire past Batman Arkham library, so long as you purchase it before November 16th. They're also giving away a Community Challenge pack to everyone who owns the PC version as of the date that the new pack comes out in January of 2016.

The free items are fantastic, but is that enough to win back over the fans that had already moved far away from Arkham knight? It seems that WB Games has been quite dedicated to fix the issues that were present and likely a result of the inclusion of GameWorks, though perhaps the delays should have been extended until the game was actually more stable. I feel that an open beta model seems to do quite well for some developers and publishers. This way a larger variety of systems can report back how they perform while also giving people a tasty preview.

But regardless, the Dark Knight is back on the PC, and this time permanently.