Batman: Arkham City Features DirectX 11 Tessellation and Nvidia PhysX Support on PC


The sequel to 2009's Batman: Arkham Asylum has been released, Developed by Rocksteady Studios "Batman: Arkham City" has amazed the Console Audience with its great story and immersive visuals and has already gotten perfect 10's from various game reviewing sites.

For the PC games, There's a good news and a bad news. Well the bad news is that the game has been delayed for a month and will be released on November 15th, The Good News outweighs the bad.. Why? Well Not only the delay would give DirectX 11 Tessellation on the PC but PhysX and 3D Vision by Nvidia would also be fully supported on the platform.

While Tessellation (DirectX 11) would make the visuals stunningly good on the PC for both AMD/Nvidia users, PhysX and 3D Vision would only be restricted for Nvidia GPU owners. PhysX is something i think as a better and more immersive feature that Tessellation as you can clearly see in the comparison video Nvidia has posted on youtube:

You can also check out the following pic which is claimed to be the first DX11 Screenshot of the game showing the sexy Catwoman and a glowing tree with tessellated textures :

A note by Nvidia on PhysX Performance:

If you need a new graphics card to enjoy the eye candy and enhancements, our preliminary tests show that Batman: Arkham City runs smoothly on a GeForce GTX 560 at 1920x1080 using High Quality presets, just like Battlefield 3.